Children's Books: Tosca the Cat Series

Tosca's Manhattan Adventure

Originally created in 1995, Tosca's Manhattan Adventure tells the whimsical story of a contemporary New York couple, Poire and Poireau, who live with their adopted cat, Tosca, in Manhattan.

The story introduces their families and friends, and details how they do everything with their beloved Tosca. One rainy day Poireau proposes marriage and Poire accepts. They shop for wedding clothes and select music for the reception. Tosca participates in all the festivities until Poire and Poireau leave for their honeymoon. Then something unexpected happens.

The still-to-be published book is bilingual, with a French translation by Geneviève Laverne.

Tosca's Paris Adventure

A read-aloud picture book for young
children about family, travel safety,
and cross-cultural understanding.

Tosca's Paris Adventure is the story of a couple and their cat and the escapades they experience during a family trip to France.

The first hardback edition of Tosca's Paris Adventure (32 pages) includes a full French translation by Aurélie A. Vincent, pronunciation guide, and glossary. It is most appropriate for children aged 3 to 8. 

Available from the author for $15.95 (includes shipping). Send Abby a message below.

Tosca's Island Adventure

The third book in the series takes place on an island in the Mediterranean where Poire, Poireau and Tosca have gone camping. On a hike, they are followed by three mysterious characters who look like Poireau but are skinnier and pointier. They are in fact wild leeks--poireaux sauvages--and they take our friends unwillingly to the mountains.

Tosca’s Island Adventure is in progress.